A Brief History of Welding

Welding has been critical to the development of civilisations, but not many know where it began or how it evolved. So, here's our brief rundown of metalworking history. Bronze and Iron Ages Welding can trace its roots back to 4000 BC, when humans first started shaping and fusing bronze. The oldest known examples of welded items are small decorated boxes made of gold, originating during the bronze age. Sometime during ...

December 21, 2021|

The Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating is one of the best welding finishes on the market. Here’s why. 1. Durability The powder coating process involves applying and melting thermoplastic or thermoset powder to a surface and letting it cool and harden. So whereas liquid coatings like paints are essentially a second skin, powder coating is a suit of armour. Powder coats are highly resistant to chemical, weather, water, salt, and impact damage and generally ...

December 21, 2021|

What are the 4 Types of Welding?

There are nearly 100 welding processes to date, but the four main types are MIG, Stick, Flux-cored and Stick. And if you want to learn more about them than just the names, here’s our rundown of how they work and their uses and benefits. MIG MIG (metal inert gas) welding is used for large, thick materials. It uses heat generated through an electric current to melt metal parts together, which ...

December 21, 2021|

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