Weldingmen Handy Information

Description Sample
Date Created (Please use Sunday date as that’s end of each week) 21/10/2015
Week number you can look up on https://weeknumber.net Week 43
Invoice Number at least six digits 000001
Address 5b/3 Anderson St, Banksmeadow NSW 2019 Australia
Business name DOTKOM Engineering Pty Ltd (TAS Weldingmen)
Phone Number 0466 877 593
Name Peter Smith
Description Welding Channel for job number J0042 etc.
Accounts Email for Payable accounts@weldingmen.com.au
Accounts Phone Number 0405 132 409
Admin Email for timesheets admin@weldingmen.com.au
Admin Phone Number 0404 839 834
ABN 22 627 837 825
Your Bank details BSB Accounts number, Account Name
Pay ID If you have
GST If appliable
Parking and material Please create separate column and attached photo in the invoice